Goodbye FATitude!

For many years, I have felt inadequate in my own body. I was overweight and borderline for being considered obese. While it may not have bothered the people around me, it sure did affect the way I saw myself.

Being overweight affects more than just your self-esteem. It leaves you feeling sluggish and slow. It can make you mean and difficult to talk to. You feel constantly judged, by others as well as yourself. Being overweight is more than a number on a scale, but a long-term attitude that gets you to such a place.

These are things I realized while talking to a close friend of mine the other day.

I was aware that I used to complain a lot and that I seemed to attract a lot of negativity in to my life, but I didn’t realize that living beneath the “FATitude” was a positive and excited person…ME!

One month ago, I changed my mind. I decided I was tired of feeling tired and sick of being sick. I was over being and feeling fat. I set a goal for myself and have diligently worked each day to reach it. I am slowly moving in the right direction, and can proudly say that I am now rid of 15.6 pounds of “FATitude”.

Magic pill? Nope. Shaking powder on my food? Try again. Extreme fad diet? Wrong again. Lap Band or Liposuction? No way!

I am running my fat away one step at a time, and have never felt more energized or alive in all my life! I am excited for my weekly weigh-ins and can slide my “never-going-to-fit-skinny” clothes right on. I am genuinely excited for my workouts and set mini-goals each day. I am eating whole foods and properly supplementing my diet.

It is great to see a lower number on the scale each week, but the best part has been feeling my “FATitude” replaced with positivity and happiness.

If you are tired of having your “FATitude” control your life, than join me on my journey from fat to fit!

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2 Responses to Goodbye FATitude!

  1. Beth says:

    Wow…what you have written, is exactly how I have been feeling. I just started running last Monday, but I already see and feel a huge difference in myself. You are very inspirational & motivating! Please keep us posted on your journey.

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