Am I a Runner?

Throughout my life, I have always been looking for something.  There has always been a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was destined for something meaningful.

I am rapidly approaching 30, and I have been doing much soul searching in order to find my path to inner greatness.  This thorough look at myself has led me to realize that I have been searching for something that was always there.

I am strong and determined.  I can set goals for myself and I will reach them.  I can rise to meet mental and physical challenges.  There is nothing I cannot do, if I just set my mind to it and refuse defeat.

Hard times come and go, and when the rough patches have been smoothed over, I am left stronger.  It may hurt and sting, but these events are what have made me the person I am today.

Training is a very similar process.  There are times where I feel on top of the world, followed by times I question my ability to keep going.  No matter what my brain may say, I push through the doubt and finish.  The pain is temporary, but the feeling of accomplishment is permanent.

Success is like a drug.  The painful process and hard work are worth the payout, and getting that success fix makes it all worthwhile.

I am on week 5 of my training.  I am not a marathon runner, and in fact I have yet to race at all.  When people refer to me as a “runner” I often respond by informing them that I am not a runner…I just started.

What makes a runner?  Is it hard work and determination?  Is it setting goals and reaching them?  Is it being sore or having special clothes?  I think it is much more.

A runner is a person who steps out that door and puts one foot in front of the other.  A runner keeps going when they feel like they can’t.  A runner works hard to become better.  It doesn’t matter how fast I am going or how many miles I can go.  What matters is that I keep going.  Runners keep going, and that is the only choice I have ever had.  No matter the circumstances and no matter how hard, I keep going.

In life and on the road, I am proud to say that yes, I am a runner.

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