I am an Ironman (Someday)

I have been trying to find the right way to put my thoughts and feelings down.  A week and a half ago, I completed my first sprint triathlon.  It was not my best swim, it was my first time riding more than a handful of miles on my new road bike, and most certainly not my best run.  But, when as I ran down the chute and crossed the finish line, something changed.  I felt more accomplished in this one race, than if I combined all of my other races together.

For the first time, I felt something inside of me telling me that I could do better.  I could go farther and faster.  I could transition more efficiently.  When I finish any other race, I feel happy to be done and content with whatever time I receive.  I am not a competitive person by nature, and running has never sparked that desire inside me.  It only took one single sprint triathlon to make me want to improve all three sports.

I was not athletic growing up.  In fact, I had asthma and avoided running at nearly all costs.  I have never been able to do a single pull up, and I have been overweight for the past 10 years.  I figured I would struggle through one sprint tri and return to my recreational running.

Something is different.  I know I am going to complete more tri’s.  I know I am going to enter (and hopefully complete) a half Ironman (70.3) and am concerned that I may attempt a full Ironman someday as well.

I want to push myself and see what I can do, what I can accomplish.  How far can I train my body and mind?  Ultras have never sounded appealing to me, but I have now signed up for my first full marathon, with plans of competing in Arizona 70.3 in 2016.  I have never felt more sure of something.  I know I will improve my open water swim and be able to swim 1.2 miles.  I know I will be able to push myself farther and faster on my bike, and ride 56 miles.  And, after all that, I will somehow run a half marathon.

And who knows?  Maybe I will double it all for a full Ironman someday.

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4 Responses to I am an Ironman (Someday)

  1. Wow, that’s such an amazing goal! Good luck, you will do awesome!

  2. shrishtisahu says:

    I’m sure with the mindset that you’ve developed, you will go a long way. Keep at it 🙂 I’m going for my first ironman 70.3 in November, 2015 🙂

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