Camden Ultra-Z Running Belt

I was recently provided the opportunity to test out the Camden Ultra-Z Running Belt.  This running belt is similar to many that I have seen around, however there are some features of this particular product that stand out.

First of all, shipping was fulfilled by Amazon, and as a Prime member, I did not have to pay for shipping for the belt.  It came within days of being ordered, and was more than what I had been expecting.

The belt strap itself is elastic, therefore it provides stretch for a custom fit.  The large pocket is big enough to hold my iPhone, with much additional room for larger smart phones.  The smaller pocket has enough room for a key, gel, chew or other necessity.

Comfortable, portable, easy to access running belt

Comfortable, portable, easy to access running belt

Another benefit to this belt, is the addition of race clips to hold a race bib.  The fit of the belt also allowed for it be to worn in front or back of the waist, which makes it an excellent accessory for me to use during bike rides.

The belt pocket also has a small hole for a headphone jack to be laced, so the bag can be shut but headphones can still be attached to the device.  There was additional room for me to stow an inhaler, along with any nutrition I could need for a run and most of what would be needed for a long bike ride.

I am extremely pleased with this purchase, and look forward to trying some of the other products in the line in the future.  Next up, I will be testing out the Camden Gear Compression Sleeves.  Be sure to check back soon to hear more about how these compare to other sleeves I have worn.

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