Weekly Training Summary

I am training for several different races, and this means that my weekly training schedule is starting to get more intense.  So far, I have been able to keep up really well but I owe that all to my super amazing running/tri coach.

I am not only triathlon training, but in the pre-marathon build stage for my very first full marathon (Surf City, Huntington Beach, CA on February 7th).

This week I have the following scheduled:


30 minute swim of my choice


AM Workout – 35 minute run, plus 4×50 meter strides

PM Workout – 1500 meter swim (with drills) and Core, weights, arms


AM Workout- 35 minute run, plus 4×50 meter strides

PM Workout – Bike, 10 min easy spin, 3×10 min moderate pace, 10 min easy spin


AM Workout – Run 10 min easy warm up, 5x(2 min fast/2 min recovery jog), 10 min easy cool down

PM Workout – Core, weights, arms


AM Workout- Yoga

PM Workout – 40-60 minute easy bike


AM Workout – Run (30 minute mellow pace plus 4×50 m strides)

PM Workout – Swim 1500m (with drills)


AM Workout – 60 minute long run

PM Workout – 40 min easy spin out on bike

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