Tired Thursday

This week’s workouts have been much more of a struggle for me.  It’s been nearly impossible to get out of bed at 4am, and I have been dragging at the gym in the evenings.  My bike shoes lost a screw, and my fitbit even died on me.  I may be exhausted, but I did manage to get my workouts all in so far.

Monday: Actually took the day off

Tuesday: Biked 41 minutes on trainer, Ran 3 miles

Wednesday: Ran 2.9 miles, strength trained

Thursday: Ran 3.42 miles

I swapped a couple workouts around because I had so much trouble waking up at 4am. So, the rest of the week looks like this:

Friday: Workout 1 – 60 minute bike on trainer Workout 2 – 1500m swim

Saturday: Workout 1- 30 min mellow run Workout 2 – 1500 m swim

Sunday: Workout 1- Hour long run and strength training  Workout 2 – 40 minute spin on trainer

I am not sure why I am so run down.  I am really paying attention to my diet, and trying to get more sleep.  I think I need to add a few extra hours to each day though.  Next week will be interesting, as my son has football every night for the next three weeks.  Best part?  There are 2 tracks on site, so I can save my runs for the evening time.

Here’s hoping for more energy!

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