Orange Mud Transition Towel Review

“Disclaimer: I received the Orange Mud Transition Towel and seat wrap to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

I have been dreaming about the day when I would get an Orange Mud Transition Towel.  I have not been disappointed in the slightest!  The entire experience with Orange Mud has been amazing, and I love the quality of the transition towel as well as the concept in it’s entirety.

First of all, ordering the towel was simple and the shipping cost completely reasonable.  The towel arrived quickly, and this was a plus as I could barely wait for it to arrive!  I wasn’t sure how well it would cover my seat, but it unrolled to completely cover the seat with one easy zip.

Orange Mud

The Orange Mud transition towel is more than a simple towel.  It rolls up small and can be used as a camping pillow, cushion, or simply stowed away in small stature to take up less space.  It also unrolls into a 60-inch beach towel, and can be used as a regular towel to dry off after a dip in the ocean, pool, splash pad, or other body of water.

One of the best features of the Orange Mud Transition Towel is that it can clip around your chest or waist and used as a changing towel, but with no risk of dropping like a normal towel does.  I have used it to change at a trail head, in a tent, after swimming, and plan on using it many times at the beach this summer.

Orange Mud Towel 2

But, my absolute favorite feature of this product, is how well it protects the seat of my new Camry.  Between myself and all my races/training/exercise and my smelly, pre-teen son, the seats were getting a double dose of stink and sweat.  The Orange Mud Transition Towel easily protects my seats from the stink of life, and can be washed easily as well!

Pre Teen Orange Mud

I am purchasing a second Orange Mud Transition Towel so that I can dedicate one to my son’s stink, and reserve one for my own use.  If you know a runner, triathlete, surfer, or anyone with kids, this is a must-have item.  With the holiday season here, make sure you pick one up and save using code: BIBRAVE.

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