Hiking Superstition Ridgeline 

This is the mountain about which stories are told, rumors are whispered, gold is hidden, legends are made and people disappear. This is the Superstion Mountain, and while I cannot say if the stories are true, I can say that I hiked across this entire mountain.  
The day started early, at 7am. We met the rest of the group at a local restaurant, prepped our packs, and headed out.

First, we made the climb to the Flat Iron, where most people stop and return. This portion made up the first three miles of the hike, and were rather strenuous.

 We continued upwards to the first summit, and then made out way down and across the ridgeline.

This portion of the trip was my favorite. Long, beautiful stretches of rolling hills, with agave in the background along with some unforgettable views on both sides.


After this portion, things got a bit tougher. There was quite a bit of scrambling and some rather technical areas.

 I also found out that agave are not fun to run into, and either are chollas for that matter.

This was only one of four cacti attacks I encountered while in the Superstition Mountains. I also got a toe full of cactus needles through my shoe. Thankfully, one of my fellow hikers was able to squeeze my toe with a Plier to remove some of the needles, which allowed me to continue hiking.

Eventually, we squeezed past many cacti and agave plants, to reach a difficult rock face.

Here, is where I lost my footing, tumbled about five feet down the side of the mountain, and stopped only because of a large rock and cactus that broke my fall.

The fall ripped my pants, skinned my leg, and me aching. But, before long, we hit the half way point and stopped to refuel.

We started on towards the second half of our journey, and made great time to the second summit. The group decided collectively to not climb to the top of the summit, as we only had about 2 hours of daylight left.

We were just minutes away from Carney Springs, which was the trail back to the cars.

But something went wrong. We somehow got in the wrong trail, and kept getting farther away from our end point as we rapidly lost daylight.

My son, who had been a trooper for the past 11 miles, began to get nervous. So did the rest of us. We continued looping through the Superstition Mountains and the sunlight was disappearing. We hiked and hiked and hiked as fast as we could, but we kept getting farther from Carney Springs.

As the last of the sun left the sky, we found Carney Springs. By this point it was dark, and we were left to make our way down the steep, dangerous, 2 mile segment of the mountain by moonlight and head lamp.

We made excellent time down Carney Springs, and I have never been so happy to see a parking lot in my life.

The entire hike should have been 12 miles, however we logged over 16 miles and took just over 12 hours.

Next time, we will bring a map and make sure we know where we are going. All in all, it was an amazing adventure that I will remember for the rest of my life, as I am sure my son will too.

Can’t wait for our next hiking adventure.

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