Orange Mud Hydraquiver Review

Disclaimer: I received Orange Mud HydraQuiver as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


The Hydraquiver by Orange Mud has been a bundle of emotions for me.  I was super excited to find out that I was going to be able to try it out.  I had seen many runners using this or the double quiver, and I seriously HATE holding water and hydration belts.

When I first tried the Hydraquiver on, it felt awkward.  It hit the back of my neck, rubbed my arms funny, and felt uncomfortable.  Honestly, it took me a few days to muster up the courage to take it for a test run.

Then, magic happened!  I got the pack completely adjusted and took it for a 4 mile run.  PERFECT.  Next day, 5 mile run, AWESOME.  Then, I took it out for a 6 mile run, IN LOVE, followed by an 8 and then 10 mile run.  I am absolutely in love with the Hydraquiver pack!


Here’s why:

  1.  My hands are free!  I used to carry a small 8 oz handheld for my shorter runs, and a 1.5 L camelback for my longer runs.  Now, I feel free when I am running, as I have both hands free…even suring my shorter runs.
  2. Adjustable!  The Hydraquiver is very adjustable.  This was the reason why I struggled with it at first.  I was able to lower the bottle, so it did not hit the back of my head and adjust the arm and chest straps to make it so I could not even feel the pack when running.  Basically, you do not need to have the chest strap tight, and you want to cinch the arm straps tight but leaving enough space for a thumb to enter by your arm pit.  Fit like MAGIC!
  3. Key Clip:  There is a clip for a house or car key inside the front right pocket.  It is super easy to get to and a perfect way to make sure your key is safely stowed.
  4. Front pockets:  There are two pockets on the straps of the pack.  My iPhone 6 with OtterBox case fits perfectly in the lower pocket.  I keep other necessities (chap stick, inhalers, tissues, etc) in the other lower pocket along with my key.  There is also a higher pocket on each strap which fits a GU or 2 easily and secures well.  I forgot they were even in there.
  5. Reflective:  There is reflective piping on the back of the pack as well, which really helps to increase visibility when running in the dark or dusk.
  6. Mesh:  I sweat when I run, and the way the mesh is designed on the back of this pack is great!  I feel cool, and feel like the design helps prevent me from overheating.
  7. Back Pockets:  There are also 2 pockets on the back of the pack where more things can be stowed as needed.  The material of the Hydraquiver allows for stretch within the pockets, which makes it easy to stick quite a lot of stuff in them.
  8.  AFTER running, I can pop the bottle out of the pack and drink water.  This is a huge plus for me, as I always forget an extra water bottle  and the camelback is not the easiest thing to drink from while driving.


I love this pack for 13 mile runs and under, but may have to look into the double barrel version for my longer training runs as I definitely will need more water than the hydraquiver can carry`for ultra training.

All in all, I highly recommend this pack!  If it doesn’t feel right at first, keep adjusting until you find that sweet spot!  Use Code:   BIBRAVE- to get 15% off



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