Just Around the Corner…

Just about a year ago, I decided that signing up for a marathon would be a great adventure and challenge. 

Now, just days away from the startline, I find myself reflecting on the past year of running and training. 

There were minor injuries, setbacks and frustrations. But, there were tons of wonderful runs with amazing people.  

After moving to Arizona, I basically was left to start my life from scratch. Here I am, about to run 26.2 miles for fun on a Sunday. AND, not just any Sunday but SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!  

Running has pushed me to new levels. It has helped me to reach inside when I thought nothing was left and pull out more. I have learned what it feels like to bonk out, and what it feels like to have a “runner’s high”.  Pretty soon, I will also know what it feels like to be a marathoner. 

I never thought I liked running, but it seems that I may just love it. I am already signed up for a 50 mile race in November…WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!

50 miles?  Now, that sounds like an adventure. I will officially be a marathoner, and my goal is already to become an ultra runner. All signs keep pointing to eating vegan as well. So, that will for sure be an adventure. 

All packed and all lists checked twice (more like 20 times), car is loaded, school work completed, and ready to drive out to Orange County after work tomorrow to start the official countdown to that starting line. 

I feel prepared, trained and ready to run!  Fingers crossed that I won’t forget anything major or irreplaceable!  

Off to bed now, because tomorrow I’m “going, going, back, back to Cali, Cali.”

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2 Responses to Just Around the Corner…

  1. Olivia S says:

    Laurel, I’m so excited for you! Safe travels and you’re going to have an amazing time! We’re cheering for you!!!

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