Changing Routines

So, I have found myself on a new path that requires a lot of changes.  I am training for my first ultramarathon, which requires hours of additional training and cross-training.  I am eating a plant-based whole food diet, which is awesome but…requires a LOT of changes on the part of my family.

For the most part, my son (12-years old) has always been a healthy eater.  He loves vegetables and enjoys trying things such as kale chips that many kids would run from.  Unfortunately, he has not quite taken to the dinner options I have been making over the past few weeks.  Last night, I found him in tears, upset that he would never have meat again.  Now, I have never said that to him and he is still buying school lunches (which means he is eating meat nearly daily).  I explained that just because I am making vegan dinners, does not mean that he is required to eat that way all the time.  It seemed to be of little consolation to him however, as he continued to pout for the majority of the evening.

I told my son that he could look online and find any plant-based recipes that looked good to him, and I would make them next week.  He ran to the computer and began looking up ideas.  He actually smiled and got excited.  So, maybe he will be making the meal plans for awhile…and maybe he will be helping me to cook dinner before too long.

Here’s hoping that it makes the difference and that he can enjoy the dinners as much as everyone else in the house.

If it works out, I may soon be writing more tips on how to transition older children to a plant-based diet.  Who knows?!

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