Weekly Recap

So, I haven’t been very good at consistently blogging.  To change that, I have decided I will be posting 3 times per week.  On Mondays, I will post something related to my transition to eating plant-based whole foods.  On Thursday, I will highlight an upcoming race or event coming up for the weekend.  Sundays, will be a weekly recap including news, updates or race results.

This week, I reached a running milestone.  However, this particular milestone is one which I was hoping to skip.  I am losing a toenail!  No, I won’t include a picture, but it is happening either way.  I am more disturbed than anything, and hope that the nail will hang around until a new nail has grown in.

I also ran my first back to back “long” runs, which are included most weekends in my 50 miler training plan.  Saturday, I ran 12 beautiful trail miles in the Superstition Mountains.  The first 6 miles were rather uneventful, but quite enjoyable.  We stopped at the half way point to hydrate and fuel.  I ate a few dates, and drank some extra water.  It was extremely humid, and sweat was dripping from my visor.  While we were stopped, we could hear cows mooing on all sides.

We started back on the trail, heading back towards the car.  A mother cow stepped out from the brush, blocking our path.  A baby calf was in the brush behind her, with a piece of cholla stuck to the side of it’s face.  The mother cow warned us, verbally and physically, to back off and we did.  We waited for the cows to be on their way, and then headed back along the trail.  It was a beautiful run with great friends.

Superstition Cow Run

This morning, I had 5 miles on the schedule, to make up the second “long” run for the weekend.  I met several ladies from my local chapter of Moms Run This Town (MRTT) at San Tan Regional Park.  We decided to run the course for the upcoming Sinister Night Run (9k loop), as I will be running it at the end of the month (I’m running the 27k or 3 loops).

The morning was overcast, with a cool breeze- perfect running conditions! Virgin trail runner/fellow blogger Balancing Mommy, came out for her first trail run this morning.  She rocked it like a natural born trail runner!  I had an absolutely pleasant morning run, which ended up closer to 6 miles than 5.  We even got a 30 second desert drizzle!

You only live once

I love running in the desert, and being on the trails helps me to feel connected to the world.  The desert is a beautiful place, and I feel thankful for the opportunity to have so many trail options near by.

Looking forward to another fabulous night trail run with Aravaipa Running this Wednesday too!


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