Weekly Recap: 4/17/16

As always, this week was a busy one!  I somehow managed to sneak 2 races in around my ultra training as well.

First race of the weekend, the Respect Trail Sexual Assault Awareness 5K, did not disappoint.  Parking was easy, and the course was marked well, mainly trail, and a decent balance of up and down.  This was an extra special day, as my entire family participated.  My sister, in town from Colorado, ran, as did my parents and the children.  Best part?  We ended up being a family of placers.  I placed 3rd in my age group, as did my mom AND my dad!  My son ended up 3rd overall for the youth runners, too!

13010699_10207643174470651_788870718448602960_n                   13043343_10207643174070641_2142162206378840530_n

This race was important as it was held to help raise awareness for sexual assault.  Many tables were set up with local resources, and food donations were collected to give out as well.

I typically run longer races, and every now again I stumble into a 5k.  It feels odd to push right off the bat, but I was happy with my time.  The more long runs I log, the more my pace increases for short races.

Next, my friend Megan and I, headed off to Vail (south of Tucson) for the Arizona Trail 1/2 marathon.


I woke up at 2:30am, met her at 4:00am, and we headed off to arrive at the trailhead just before 6am.  We were able to pick up our packets, load our extra things into the car, and get on the shuttle bus.  A quick ride brought us to the start line, and Megan and I were the first two off the bus.  Wanting to make one last pit stop before the race started, we looked around and saw a couple portable porta-potties.  These were tent style cubicles, with just enough space for a portable toilet, with a trash bag liner.

The race started on time, and was absolutely beautiful.  The blooming desert plants lined the both sides of the trail, and the gentle rolling hills.  There were some more challenging hills mixed in to keep in interesting, but the entire half marathon had a net decline.

This race was an excellent preview of the 50 mile course I will be running in November, and was almost entirely on the Arizona Trail.   The Arizona Trail starts in Utah, and continues for 800 miles, concluding in Mexico.

I hope to someday backpack along the entire Arizona Trail, but for now I will settle for training to run a 53.8 mile segment of it.

Next weekend, The Dam Good Run!

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