United Relay Across America

UR Relay map pic

Want to run across the United States with me…and a whole lot of other people?  Sign up today for the United Relay Across America (UR America) and you can!

Disclaimer: I received a free entry to the UR America as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

This race is different than any other you have likely completed in the past.  Three different colored teams will be starting from the west coast, running a baton from stage to stage, with all three teams finishing in New York!  My favorite part of this race, is that the money raised is going to charity.  I will be running for the Trevor Project, because no one should ever have to be in crisis just for being themselves.

I will be running the Blue 52 stage with my friend, Olivia from BalancingMommy.com as well as my partner in crime (who will be running the Vail Colossal 50 miler with me in November).

Things to know:

  1.  The UR America race is partially supported.  This means you should not expect aid stations along the route.  However, certain support is available, especially during the night stages.
  2. The race is continuous, in that it will be run 24/7 until the baton reaches New York.  Of course, it is up to you how far you run, but many runners will be taking on more than one stage as well.
  3. If your stage is scheduled to be run in the dark, you should take every precaution possible to be visible.  Group stages may include areas without traffic, however, the other stage runners will be responsible for safe running along areas that are not closed to public traffic.
    1. Wear bright colors, headlamp, reflective gear, light up items
    2. Run against the flow of traffic
    3. Look for potential hazards
    4. NO in ear head phones are permitted for this race.  AfterShokz make a great headphone that is permitted to be worn during the race.  Here is my review of them, if you are interested!
  4. Coordinate your start and finish.  Because this race is moving across the country, you will need to make sure you can arrive at the start of your stage, as well as have transportation when you are done running.  Reaching out to friends and family is a great option, but assistance can be coordinated with UR America ahead of time as well.
  5. Runners are asked to hold an 11 minute mile average to help with planning the baton passes, and to try to keep on schedule.

I am looking forward to running across America with the blue team, and hope you will join us for a great cause!  Join us by registering today!

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6 Responses to United Relay Across America

  1. susana3174 says:

    Making sure we are on the same stretch. 32 or 52?

  2. susana3174 says:

    Hahahaha 😝😝😝

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