Weekly Recap: The Dam Good Run

Well this week I hit a milestone.  I ran over 100 miles (110.5 to be exact) by the 23rd of the month.  I added another 4 miles this morning at the Dam Good Run hosted by Aravaipa Running, at Lake Pleasant Regional Park.  There were a variety of distances available for runners to select (2 miles, 4 miles, 13k, 26k and a 40K).  I opted for the 4 mile option, as did my son, and my friend Kelli.


I also got to finally meet my virtual friend, and future ultramarathon partner in crime, Susana (She ran the 13k).


While I didn’t get a photo with my friend and fellow blogger Stacey, I did get to see her start for the 40k just about an hour before our race began.

This race has been held for the past 12 years, but this was the inaugural year with Aravaipa hosting.  As usual, Aravaipa did an excellent job of making sure directions were given, and that the trail was marked well.  Also, they had a table with “oops I forgot” items including bug spray, sunscreen, anti-chaufing and tissues.  This was an awesome addition for me, as little tiny bugs were already “bugging” me before we lined up.


We lined up by the water, and the race started on time.  The four mile race started running up a manageable uphill road, and turned left towards the newly renovated dam.  I should have probably looked at the race description a bit better, as I came prepared for a trail race, and only the last 3/4 of a mile could be considered trail.

At the end of the dam, we went up…like straight up.  And, at the top we were greeted by this sign:



Now, this was not my first dam hill (See Laughlin Recap), however, the dam hill at Lake Pleasant was NOTHING compared to the 3 mile stretch of insane uphill at Laughlin.  But, it sure was the biggest dam hill at the Dam Good Race.

The trail portion was very rocky at the start, and then broken asphalt, which eventually turned into a packed sand trail.  This part was absolutely breathtaking, as we got to run along the side of the lake.


Needless to say, I was wishing for more lakeside trail.  I will definitely be back to the park to get some trail miles in by the water sometime soon!  Crossing the finishing line was great, and only about 50 feet or so from the cool water.


So, of course we went in!  We just went ankle deep, but our friend Stormie went all the way in.  I’m not sure if there is anything to this grounding/earthing theory I keep hearing about, but I sure felt a heck of a lot better after a few minutes in the water.

The finish line food was an excellent variety including swedish fish, oreos, bean rollups and quesadillas.  Not to mention 2 sheet cakes in recognition of the volunteers.  Oh, and pickles!  They had deliciously, salty pickles!

All in all, I had a blast.  Best of all?  My legs felt great after running 14 miles the day before, not even a bit sore!

I am looking forward to the Aravaipa Sinister Night Trail Race next weekend.


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2 Responses to Weekly Recap: The Dam Good Run

  1. Olivia S says:

    You and Kelli are Rockstars!! Great job!

  2. Dexter McGriff says:

    Thanks to your excellent article on the inaugural Laughlin/Bullhead City Half Marathon & 5k – I’ll be heading to Laughlin on Dec 9th for the race – great story keep up the great work and running rewiews – I love your story – you are an inspiration to all weekend runners.

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