Weekly Recap – 5/8/16

This week, I had no races on the schedule.  It was nice to have a bit of a break from racing, however I did not take a break from running. In fact, I ran 40 miles.

It’s strange how I used to feel like I was running all the time, when I was running 10-15 miles per week and now that my mileage has drastically increased (over time, of course!), I feel like the miles just add up so fast.

I had a couple easy runs, with a tempo run added in and back to back weekend long runs.  I’ve also been able to add my cross training back in, and that is always fun and exciting for me.

Estrella Mountain Regional Park was a great park to run!  Nice, easy hills with some great desert views.  This park is pretty far out for me to run at regularly, but I plan to run the Aravaipa Hypnosis race here in June, so I  wanted to get a feel for the terrain.

My long runs were both on trails, which also makes it more fun for me.  I was lucky enough to run at a new (to me) regional park, Estrella, with my friend Kelli (her first official long trail run).  Sunday, mother’s day, I started the day off right with a 5:15am trail run with MRTT (Moms Run This Town).

The weather was absolutely beautiful this morning!  Overcast, with a cool breeze and in the sixties, which is rare for this time of year in Arizona.  We even experienced a few desert showers!  The clouds were amazing.  Of course, I am biased as San Tan Regional Park is where I run weekly, but it really was amazing!

Great company, for a Mother’s Day early morning run!  I absolutely love the ladies I have met through Mom’s Run This Town.

Next week, I have 2 events on the calendar.  First, the United Relay Across America will be running through AZ, and I am running one of the stages.  Then, another Aravaipa night race at McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  Hopefully, I won’t lock my keys in the trunk this time!

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