Is “Earthing” a thing?

Earthing is definitely a “thing” and I keep hearing it come up in blog posts and podcasts. 

As a naturally curious person, I always wonder how much validity, if any, can be put on such practices. 

For those unfamiliar with the term “earthing” or “grounding”, it is basically the process of recharging one’s energy by connecting with the earth through skin contact.

The theory states that we used to be able to heal and recover through connecting with the earth, and we made consistent daily contact with the dirt, water, plants, ground, etc. 

These days, we protect our bodies from the earth to the point we rarely make skin-to-earth contact. Some believe this explains a rise in illness, sickness, insomnia, and general lack of wellbeing. 

I am practicing “earthing” daily for the month of May to discover what impact (if any), it has on my overall wellbeing, and will share my results at the start of next month. 

What are your experiences with earthing?  

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