Weekly Recap: 5/15/16

This week was super busy, with 2 races, and a full training schedule.  The first race, was on Wednesday night, as part of the United Relay of America and the second was the Adrenaline night run, race 2 in the Aravaipa Hypnosis trail runs.

As some of you may recall, I received my first DNF at the last Aravaipa night trail run.  I have been continuing to struggle with some GI distress, over the past 2 weeks, however nothing as bad as that first race.  So, I have been attempting to work out the nutritional needs of my body for running these night races.

United Relay of America

The United Relay of America is a stage relay race, which starts in California and continues across the country, ending in New York.  The blue team had several stages running through my local community, and as the race is benefiting several charities, I was more than excited to join in for a stage.  Two of my friends were also able to join in, Olivia from Balancing Mommy and Susana from Ultra Adventures in Running, which made the event even more fun.  We met up with fellow BibRavePro, Emily from Races and Places with AZSunGoddess, who handed us the baton.  We ran from Papago Park, through the city of Tempe, and ended at the canal at the border of Chandler.  Here, we handed off to the next stage.

Adrenaline Night Trail Run

This time, my stomach cooperated much better than it did at the Sinister race.  Though, my stomach was not working at an optimal level, it was a tolerable amount of pain, and I was able to complete most of the first leg in one piece.  This race took pace at the McDowell Mountain Regional Park, about an hour from where I live.  As always, the race was extremely well organized, lines moved quickly, and everything started on time.  The 27k route was made up of 2 different loops.  The first, a 17k loop which ended at the start/finish line, and the second looped back out for another 10k.  By the time we hit the end of the first loop, my stomach was hurting pretty badly again, but I was lucky to run into my Aravaipa Angel, Patty (The same person who helped me when I locked my keys in the car at the last race).  She asked me to explain how my stomach felt, and told me to eat 2 small bean roll up pieces, a salted boiled potato, and a small shot of flat coke.  My stomach felt 100 times better, and I was able to run much more consistently in the last 10k loop.



This race was full of creepy crawlies too.  The runners just behind us nearly stepped on  a rattlesnake, we saw several millipedes and some creepy bugs that looked like they were half cockroach and half tarantula. I (unlovingly) nicknamed these creatures Roachalas.  Then, we saw a real tarantula.  I stopped to take a picture of it, but I thought it was jumping at me, and I startled it back into the tarantula hole.

Another time, I was attacked by a snake stick.  Really, it was just a stick that Susana kicked just right and it scooted right between my feet.  Needless to say, it was still a scary moment.

All in all, it was a great race and I am looking forward to the next!


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