Weekly Recap: 5/22/16

This week was a rough one.  Technically, I was running less miles, but my legs felt tired and running was much more of a chore for me than it normally is.  There were several days where I had to talk myself into my running gear and out the door.

When I am running on the trails, I feel alive and happy.  The treadmill is most certainly NOT a trail.  I can’t even pretend it is.  Running multiple days on the treadmill may have contributed to this, as it’s definitely a mood killer for me, but my legs were definitely exhausted.

I was also able to add hill work back in, which are one of my favorite types of training!  Hills really break up the monotony of my midweek runs, and was super excited to hit them this week.

I was looking at signing up for 2 races in June, but instead will be paying ASU every last penny I have saved instead, so that I can graduate with my Masters in Education.  I have no idea what the career plan is from here, but I do know that I have no extra race money and that paying my last bill at ASU is probably more important in the long run…well not for the literal “long” run.

Saturday’s long run was at the regional park near Superstition Mountain.  We ran Pass Mountain, which is located at the same parking lot as the popular Wind Cave trail. I was lucky to be able to join some very wonderful ladies from Mom’s Run This Town (MRTT), and we logged 7.6 miles. I also fell and ripped the palms of my hands pretty bad, and my knees a little bit. This was my second trail fall, with the last occurring on my very first trail run ever.

Sunday’s long run was with one of my amazing running buddies (Molly).  We hit San Tan Regional Park for a total of 7 miles, which included lapping the parking lot until we hit 7 miles on the Garmin.  My stomach was hurting a bit, but I ate something small and it felt better.

I also decided that I am going to try alternating nutrition from sweet to salty during long runs.  Next weekend, I am going to try a huma gel and some original corn nuts.  I am hoping that the salty will help keep my stomach in check.

Long week, and it’s time to hit the hay in just a few!

Have a great week!

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