To Prep or Not to Prep: Easy Vegan Eating

Several of my friends have mentioned that they would love to eat healthier during the week, if they could find the time to do it.  Many people are familiar with the concept of meal prepping, but not nearly as many people set aside the time to actually prep their meals for the week.

I know some food preppers get crazy with pre-cutting any and all items that will be used in any meal during the week.  As much as I would like to be that prepared, I simply prep my food for the work day, and plan out dinners based on my available schedule for each night.

Since I have had many people asking how I prep and what I eat, I decided to share this week’s prepping process.

  1. Plan out dinners for each night of the week: I have a large wall calendar, and I write EVERYTHING on it.  I add my workouts, the children’s activities, appointments, and dinners.  This way, I can make sure that each meal I make fits the time available for that specific day.
  2. Shop for the entire week: By planning ahead, you can avoid having to stop by the store more than once.  You can also prevent the “oops, I don’t know what’s for dinner and now we are eating pizza” problem.
  3. Dedicate an hour to prepping on Sunday: I take an hour on Sunday to cut all my fruits and veggies, cook my lunch, and package it all up.

Here is what I have on the menu for this week:

Breakfast:  Green Anti-Inflammation Smoothie

Snacks: Sliced fresh mango, broccoli and carrots, cherries, brussel sprouts, asparagus, baby lima beans

Lunch: Boiled sweet potatoes, cilantro, black beans

Dinner: Monday I will make vegan cheezy spaghetti squash, and we will eat the left overs on Tuesday.  Wednesday, I will make Downright Delicious Lentil Dahl,with leftovers for Thursday.  Friday, I will make broccoli and orzo, with leftovers for Saturday.
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