Weekly Recap: 5/29/16

Last week I felt sluggish and tired, interestingly enough, as it was a recovery week which entailed less mileage than normal.

To combat the exhaustion, I did not do much cross training this week, well actually, I did none at all.  I was hoping to save myself for happy, rested runs.  While I definitely had more energy this week than last, I know I could and should have more.  I need better sleep.

Work problems (including a reduction in force) made last week extremely stressful.  In fact, I will have a high amount of stress until the end of June when I know if I have a job or not, as we all have to reapply for positions starting June 1st.

Moving on…My runs felt great!  No stomach issues, actually the opposite.  Happy belly and happy runs!

My first long run was Saturday at San Tan Regional Park.  We parked by the main entrance and rain 5 miles to the other entrance, where we met several of the MRTT (Moms Run This Town) ladies.  We ran back to the other parking lot, said goodbye to everyone who ran 10, and continued on for a total of 17.6 gorgeous trail miles.

Sunday, the ladies from MRTT were meeting for a run/breakfast downtown, so I left the house early, ran 7 miles to meet up with everyone, and then ran another (very warm) 3 miles.  Oh, and NO, I did not run back home full of breakfast food…I got a ride home!

Monday is supposed to be a rest day, however, I have started a tradition of running memorial miles for fallen vets, and I plan to do this again tomorrow as it is Memorial Day.

Looking forward to next weekend, as it is my 32nd birthday and several wonderful ladies will be joining me to run 32k!  Sunday, I will be running the Fearless Kitty 5k for friend and fellow blogger Stacey‘s birthday.

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