Kid Crying in Car About Earth

Many people have probably already seen the video circulating on social media networks, of the young boy crying because of the way people are treating the earth and animals.

This child is sitting in his car seat, crying, with a broken heart because he’s able to see how humans are destroying our planet, hurting the animals…and not thinking twice about it. 

This video has been on my mind, and while it is not my video, I want to share it with as many people as possible. Maybe you won’t listen to an adult, or maybe you already know, but pretend like these are not issues today.  It’s much easier to ignore an adult when they are saying these things, but this child is filled with passion, love, and concern AND he wants to know why you aren’t doing your part to keep the earth and animals safe. 

View the video here 
He is waiting to become an adult so he can start making a difference. What can you do?  How will you make a difference?  

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