Earthing: My 30 day challenge

As I’ve previously mentioned, I have been hearing more and more about the practice of earthing, also referred to as “grounding”.  I decided to give it a try for 30 days to see if I was able to identify any benefits from adding the practice of earthing to my daily routine.

Here’s what I found:

Week 1: At first, it felt awkward to take off my shoes, and walk around in the grass. It was even more awkward to do so in front of people, not that I care what people think of me anyhow. It is hard to explain to someone watching, why you are touching nature with your bare skin. After about three times of explaining my actions to others, I found the words to explain so others understood. I just said, “I’m just enjoying nature for a minute.”  People seemed to understand this explanation much better than the scientific explanation (read Dr. Mercola’s findings here). By the end of week one, I found I had more energy.

Week 2: This week, it was harder to get outdoors to find nature for earthing purposes. My backyard, in Arizona, has no grass and is mostly rocks. Needless to say, it’s not much fun to stand around in barefoot . Whenever possible, I would take a moment to connect with nature, by touching my hand to a tree or sitting with my feet in the grass. By the end of week 2, I not only had more energy but I was feeling less anxiety as well.

Week 3: By week 3, setting aside a few minutes for earthing had become more routine. Whenever possible, I would pop off my shoes and stick my feet in the grass. This included a time when I was waiting to meet someone for lunch, and there was a nice grassy patch near the restaurant. By the end of this week, I noticed my digestive system was functioning better.

Week 4: By the end of my 30 day challenge, I began to look forward to my earthing sessions. Even when I was feeling tired, or too lazy to make it to a grass area, I would still do so because I knew I would feel better afterwards. In fact, I am writing this blog from the park where I am currently earthing.

I really believed that I would find no benefit from the practice of earthing. I am still not certain if the effects I have experienced are from the scientific changes found in some research or if taking a few minutes out of my busy, hectic day to refocus was what made the difference. Either way, it feels great to stop and connect with my surroundings, to feel the grass between my toes, and breath without worry or concern for other aspects of my life.

If you’re feeling skeptical, as I was a month ago, take the 30 day earthing challenge yourself and see how you feel. Please share your experiences with earthing in the comments below.

Also, for those of us that have a hard time getting outdoors, several different varieties of earthing/grounding mats are available. Some, fit on your bed so you can ground while you’re sleeping while others can be used while sitting at a desk or in other capacities.

Several options are available in the Amazon store. Use this link to support my blog and future endeavors. Just search earthing or grounding mats.

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One Response to Earthing: My 30 day challenge

  1. karenkkj says:

    I too have tried to get grounded more often. Living in AZ there are multiple benefits to taking my shoes of and running around barefoot: cools me off, strengthens my feet, and if I go outside I get the benefits of being more in touch with nature.

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