Weekly Recap: 32K for 32nd Bday!

This week was full of steps and accomplishments.  It’s interesting how longer runs are becoming therapeutic rather than stressful.  Saturday, I ran my first 20 miles in one run since training for my full marathon.  I have been running anywhere from 15-18 miles each Saturday, but I thought the 20 miler might freak me out a bit, as it did originally.

This time, I prepped and planned as usual, and actually was able to turn it into a birthday celebration (32K for my 32nd birthday).  It was relaxed, and not stressful, although the high temperatures were alarming (it was predicted to be 118 degrees).

I feel so lucky to have had 4 friends willing to bear the high temps and join me for some miles, or all miles (thank you, Susana).  We opted to run Tempe Town Lake versus a trail.  It was easier to stop by the car to get more water, nutrition, etc. but it sure was harder on my body.  It’s amazing how running on concrete is so much harder on the body than trail running.


Sunday, I got to celebrate my friend Stacey’s birthday with a birthday 5k (Fearless Kitty 5k) which benefited a local cat rescue.  It was a great course, and a SUPER hot day, but very enjoyable regardless.

kitty run

After the race, I went to  gym to get the rest of my 10 miles in on the treadmill. Surprisingly, my legs felt great!  I was able to hold a nice, solid pace and felt awesome.  It’s not often that I can enjoy a treadmill  run, and usually never when my legs are tired.  Today, I hit the sweet spot.  Maybe it was because the other option was to run in 110 degree heat…but who knows.

Stacey also made a list of things she wants to do in her next 35 years.  I think I am going to write some goals for the next year to start with:

While I am 32, I want to:

  • Run a 50 mile race
  • Do a pull-up
  • Weigh what it says on my driver’s license
  • Use disposable grocery bags (not just leave them in the trunk)
  • Make a business plan and obtain funding for future endeavor
  • Hike Rim to Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon
  • Run Antelope Canyon
  • Start weekly game night with the kids

I am going to keep adding to list, and start posting my monthly goals here to keep me accountable.  This shall be the year of amazing things, I have a feeling.

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