Weekly Recap: 6/19/16

This week was hard.  With traveling last weekend, and then escaping to California mid-week, and training would have been complicated.  However, this past week, my weekday mileage increased as did my weekend miles.  I felt like I was running, running, running all week long.

My normal 6 miles on Wednesday and Thursday were both bumped to 8.  I was able to squeeze my Wednesday rolling hills workout in before we left for Universal Studios, which was fantastic!  I don’t know how I spent so many years living in Southern California without visiting Universal.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was impressive, and after spending so many years in Disneyland, I couldn’t believe how short the waits were for Universal rides.  I highly recommend checking it out if you have the chance.  I also recommend buying your tickets through Undercover Tourist (I am NOT affiliated).  I saved about 20 bucks per ticket!  They have discounted tickets to many major theme parks including Disney, and Seaworld (if you are in to that sort of thing).

Universal Bates

Outside Bates Motel



amityville jaws


Bruce from jaws


Another pleasant surprise was that there were quite a few vegan food options within the park!

I also really enjoyed my run in Orange County.  Here in Arizona, I have to travel to find rolling hills to run but I was able to walk right outside, step on a multi-use paved path and run some hills.  I always forget how hilly Orange County really is, and I also forgot how many people live stuffed into one small area.  It was great to escape the heat for a few more days.

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