Some Weeks are Hard

This week was a struggle for me.  Work has been stressful, I’m taking my last courses for my Master’s program and ultra training in the summer…in Arizona, may have been a less than smart decision.

This week was rough.  I skipped my Monday workout and my Tuesday run.  I slept through my alarm on Wednesday, and nearly missed another run.  Somehow, I managed to salvage the week and ended up only a few miles below my goal for the week, with a grand total of 41 running miles.

I am at a point where ANY workout other than running sounds more appealing.  I am hoping this was due to my large amount of stress and lack of decent sleep, but I am thinking the 110 degree heat is not helping much.

Falling out of routine is so incredibly easy.  Even though I have been staying completely on track for many, many months, one day off track nearly ruined my whole week.  Literally, I began to talk myself out of running each day.  I had to say to myself, “Self!  You need to go run.”  I forced myself into my running garb, forced myself to drive to the gym, and then sat in the parking lot for another 10 minute before I was able to force myself through the door and onto the treadmill.  While this process was ridiculously hard, I instantly felt better after starting to run and was able to stay on track for the rest of the week.

Here’s to a new week!  Share some ways to keep motivated when you feel like stopping!

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One Response to Some Weeks are Hard

  1. I find that youtube videos for motivational speeches are inspiring! I can listen to the same ones day in and day out, and find that a particular phrase will be what I needed to hear that day to keep or get me back on track.

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