Zensah Compression Thigh Sleeve – Review

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Thigh Compression Sleeve

Thigh Compression Sleeve

I have used a variety of compression products since I started running.  In fact, I swear by compression sleeves and socks.  I was very excited to try out the Zensah Compression Thigh Sleeves.

The first thing to know about this product is that you MUST measure your thigh accurately.  I ordered a L/XL, as I was on the borderline between the M and L/XL.  The second thing to note is that this product is only one sleeve per package.  I have only purchased compression socks and sleeves in the past, and was a bit surprised to find only one thigh sleeve in the package.  This is most likely due to the fact that many people order the thigh sleeve to rehab a pulled muscle, or to prevent reinjuring a thigh muscle after recovering.

I had no issue getting the sleeve on my thigh.  It went on relatively easily, considering all compression products take a few minutes to get on and properly adjusted.  I did notice that my thigh was squeezed out of the top of the sleeve, causing the top portion of the sleeve to roll down slightly on the outer part of my leg.

zensah put it onZensah pulled up

I was able to feel the compression instantly, but did notice that after about 15 minutes of wear, my leg began to be bothered by the top portion of the sleeve.  The area of my leg that was squeezed out of the top began to itch and tingle.

Many people wear thigh compression sleeves while running, but for me, I wore it after running to recover.  When running with the sleeve, the top rolled down more, making the top of my leg puffy.  I also felt the need to constantly readjust the sleeve while running, and ended up peeling it off and sticking it in my running pouch.

While I definitely could feel some great compression, I did start limiting my compression sessions to about 15 minutes directly after running, or just before heading out for a run.

Zensah ME

For me, it was a bit awkward to only wear the sleeve on one leg.  I had to switch it from one leg to the other in order to feel balanced, but did notice a significant improvement with my sore muscles, which is what really matters.  I would highly recommend purchasing one for each thigh, rather than attempting to work with one.

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